About the arrangements

We produce ‘off the record’ quality sounding arrangements of well-known works for Big Band and Pop Band. We produce accurate and versatile arrangements available anywhere. Every song is meticulously transcribed capturing the smallest of details and then professionally typeset and made available for immediate download.

Here are some of our other features:

  • Available in multiple keys
  • Fully transcribed solos
  • All charts have arranged endings
  • Unique Xtra Packs for added versatility
  • Fully Licensed by the Music Publishers
  • Vocal Range Assistant and example to help confirm optimal key
  • Free Resources catalogue
  • Print from any computer, mobile device or tablet.


The Line up

For Big Band we use the standard line up of 4 Rhythm (Keys, Guitar, Bass and Drums), 5 Saxophones (2 x Alto, 2 x Tenor and 1 x Baritone), 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones (The 4th Trombone may or may not be required to play Bass Trombone),  and finally Vocals – if applicable.

For Pop Band (we use this term as an overall capture for ‘Wedding Bands’, Function Bands’ and  Society Bands’ etc.) Pop Band comprises of 4 Rhythm (Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums), 4 Front Line (Trumpet, Alto and Tenor Saxes and Trombone) plus Vocals (Lead and Group) – if applicable.

There may be occasions when a Front Line player may be required to double another instrument. Often this would be the Alto and Tenor Sax players doubling Clarinet and Flute but it could also require Trumpet players to double Flugelhorn. Brass players will be expected to have a set of mutes.


We always produce a version of the song in its original recorded key plus a further two versions. See Song details page for further information.

Transcribed Solos

To get that truly authentic sound on gigs it’s always ideal for a soloist to reproduce a solo just as it was performed on the original recording. All solos are transcribed and included with the option of chord symbols giving the player the opportunity to play their own ad-lib version.

Arranged Endings

Even though most recordings fade out, all TopDots arrangements have carefully arranged endings to every song so that they can be performed live in any venue.

Xtra Packs

Xtra Packs are unique to TopDots. We are aware that all bands are not the same so we have devised our Xtra Pack system as an ‘add-on’ to the normal arrangement. In consultation with Educationalists, the concept of Xtra Packs was devised and a complete section has been made available to walk you through the concept and in detail. Each Pack in the Song Details page has a small 'info' button in the top right hand corner. Click this to display additional information about the Pack you are considering.

Xtrapack parts

Fully Licensed

All TopDots arrangements are licensed by the Music Publishers. Often this involves a lengthy quality control processes to ensure our arrangements pass the extremely high standards required. Scores and audio recordings are often submitted and after they are examined we are granted a license. Not only does this mean a percentage of the selling price is paid back to the writers of the original song, customers know their music is ‘legal’ and has achieved the highest quality levels which can be confirmed by listening to our various example pieces.

Vocal Range Assistant.

On the song details page, singers will be able to use the VRA (Vocal Range Assistant) to confirm they can sing within the range of the song. Demo versions, in various keys, are available to verify.

If you have any more questions, please click here for our help section.


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Copyright ©2016-2021 TopDots Orchestrations LLP
Registered in the UK: OC403389
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